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Hammanskraal is a large rural township, situated 43km north of Pretoria, (Gauteng Province, South Africa) with nearly 120 000x households. 98% of these households are Black. The Dominican School for the Deaf is situated in this township. The school hosts a pre-school (kindergarten), a primary school and a high school with 343x deaf learners all together. These deaf learners are all boarding in the school’s hostels, far away from their parents who are spread all across South Africa. They are very poor and live from the bare minimum. They are always very grateful for anything that comes their way, even the little sweet they receive after 

every swimming lesson is precious to them. We go to their facility during summer, but during winter when they visit our facility, we always make some food parcels/lucky packets up for them, which include a fruit juice, potato crisps, a Tinkies sponge cake, an apple and a chocolate. It is always so satisfying to see those beautiful-, appreciative- and happy faces. Claesans (a retail clothing distributor from the Netherlands) sponsored them once with some high quality swimming costumes. These little kids could not believe their eyes when they received those costumes.


The Headmaster of this government school, Mrs Moyaha, is very accommodating and supportive and only wants the best for her learners. I have got a good relationship with her. My team and I also work closely together with Nthabiseng Ramodisa, their occupational therapist.


Kiddies Aqua has already been involved in teaching swimming lessons to the pre-school learners (43x) of this school for the past three years and wants to expand these lessons to the primary- and high school learners as well. We have also started to get the pre-school teachers and their occupational therapist involved with our instructors in the water. We would like to expand this to more formal swim coaching training of these teachers and therapist, allowing the project to become self-sustainable in future. Kiddies Aqua will do this formal training free of charge.


The school has got two outdoor swimming pools, one small pool (8x4m) for the younger learners and a larger pool (20x10m) for the older learners. The smaller pool is still in some sort of working condition and the larger pool is very much damaged and totally out of operation. The idea is to renovate and upgrade the smaller pool to a better working standard so that both the pre-school and primary school learners can benefit from this. They are approximately 230x learners all together.


Special Needs Kids

African Children Aquatic Foundation pays the fuel- and toll fee expenses for the 78km round trip to Hammanskraal and provide equipment (kick boards, pool noodles, goggles). We have also issued the children with free swimming bags and –caps. Both swimming instructors (Irene Mokoena and Mike Dawson) are well-experienced to work with Special Needs Kids.

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Future Projects

Renovate and upgrade the swimming facility at the Dominican School for the Deaf in the Hammanskraal Township.


During Winter

During winter the school has arranged transport to bring the learners to Kiddies Aqua’s heated indoor facility at the University of Pretoria. This happens once per week. After each lesson Kiddies Aqua provides them with a fruit juice and a small chocolate.

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